Sony A95K Review

Sony A95K vs Samsung S95B OLED TV Review and Comparison (XR-55A95K vs QN55S95B, XR-65A95K vs QN65S95B)

by norrystyon September 16, 2022
Sony A95K and Samsung S95B are the biggest TV released in 2022. This is caused that they come with cutting-edge panel TV technology, which is QD-OLED. It is the technology that combines blue-OLED panel with quantum dot filter. As we have known, the main shortcoming of white-OLED that used by almost all OLED TVs is […]

LG G1 vs Sony A90J Review (OLED55G1PUA vs XR-55A90J, OLED65G1PUA vs XR-65A90J)

by norrystyon August 2, 2021
LG G1 and Sony A90J is the Flagship OLED TV in 2021 from LG and Sony. They are equally amazing 4K OLED TVs. As we have known, since they both use OLED panel, infinite contrast ratio and nearly perfect black uniformity becomes their main advantages. All of them make their performance in a dark room […]
Sony A80J Review

Sony A80J vs A8H Review (XR-55A80J vs XBR-55A8H, XR-65A80J vs XBR-65A8H

by norrystyon June 5, 2021
The Sony A80J is the one of two models of OLED TVS that released by Sony in 2021. It is the step-down model of the Sony A9J, the top model of Sony’2 2021 4K OLED TV. Meanwhile, the Sony A8H is the predecessor of the A8H in 2020. As we have known, all models of […]

Sony A90J vs A9G Review (XR55A90J vs XBR55A9G, XR65A90J vs XBR65A9G)

by norrystyon April 20, 2021
Sony A9J and A9G are the top models of 4K OLED TV from Sony’s Master Series. The difference is that the A9G is released in 2019 while the A90J is released in 2021. Nevertheless, since there is no A9H series in 2020, practically, the A90J is the successor of the A9G.  In 2020, Sony has […]
Sony XBR-48A9S Review

Sony XBR-48A9S vs LG OLED48CX Review – Which this 48 inches OLED TV is better?

by norrystyon January 9, 2021
The Sony XBR-48A9S (Sony A9S) and LG OLED48CX (LG OLED CX) are few models of OLED TVs in 2020 that comes with 48 inches of screen sizes. They are a solution for you who want to have OLED TV with more affordable price.  This screen size actually is relatively new for OLED TV where it […]

Best OLED TV in 2020

by norrystyon November 26, 2020
If compared to LED TV, OLED TV is relatively new. It offers different panel technology to LED TV. If to emit the light, LED TV needs a backlight, each pixel of OLED panel can emit its own light, so it doesn’t need a backlight. And the excellence, each pixel of OLED panel can individually switch […]

Sony A8H Review

LG CX vs Sony A8H Review (55OLEDCXPUA vs XBR55A8H, 65OLEDCXPUA vs XBR65A8H)

by norrystyon August 13, 2020
The LG CX and Sony A8H are mid-price OLED TVs which have great performance. The LG CX is the newest model of the LG’s OLED TV C Series while the Sony A8H is the newest model of Sony OLED TV A8 Series. They both may be not budget buys yet, but they ware first launched, […]
Sony A8H Review

Sony A8H vs A8G Review (XBR55A8H vs XBR55A8G, XBR65A8H vs XBR65A8G)

by norrystyon July 26, 2020
Sony A8H is the lowest series of the Sony’s 2020 OLED TV lineup.  On the other hand, the Sony A8G is the predecessor, also the lowest model of the Sony’s 2019 OLED TV lineup. Just like other models of OLED TVs, both of them can deliver incredible picture quality for any type of content in […]
LG OLED E9 Review

Sony A9G vs LG OLED E9 Review (XBR55A9G vs OLED55E9, XBR65A9G vs OLED65E9)

by norrystyon October 22, 2019
Sony A9G and LG OLED E9 are the premium OLED TV in 2019. The A9G is the successor of the A9F and also the flagship of Sony’s 2019 4K OLED TV. Meanwhile, the LG E9 is the successor of the 2018’s OLED E8 and in the LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup, it sits between the […]

Sony A9G Review

Sony A9G vs A9F Review (XBR55A9G vs XBR55A9F, XBR65A9G vs XBR65A9G)

by norrystyon July 31, 2019
Sony A9G is the top model of Sony’s 2019 4K HDR OLED TV. Meanwhile, the Sony A9F is the predecessor, also the top model of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV lineup. Since they both use the OLED panel that have the same technical platform, can be ascertained, the main difference between them is about […]
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