Sony A95K Review

Sony A95K vs Samsung S95B OLED TV Review and Comparison (XR-55A95K vs QN55S95B, XR-65A95K vs QN65S95B)

by norrystyon September 16, 2022
Sony A95K and Samsung S95B are the biggest TV released in 2022. This is caused that they come with cutting-edge panel TV technology, which is QD-OLED. It is the technology that combines blue-OLED panel with quantum dot filter. As we have known, the main shortcoming of white-OLED that used by almost all OLED TVs is […]

Samsung S95B vs LG G2 OLED TV Review (OLED55G2 vs QN55S95B, OLED65G2 vs QN65S95B)

by norrystyon July 15, 2022
Samsung S95B is a brand-new in the Samsung’s TV lineup. It is the first OLED TV released by Samsung. But unlike in previous years where all OLED TVs use white-OLED panel by LG, the S95B uses QD-OLED, a new OLED panel technology. It is claimed can deliver brighter colors than white-OLED. On the other hand, […]
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